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We specialize in custom doors. Whether it be interior or exterior, traditional or extremely intricate, the doors crafted in our shop are of superior quality. We choose to go the extra mile and use stave-core material to give you long-term stability. Your front door is the first impression of your house, so let our family help you design a door that stands out while also fitting the style of your home.

Board and Batten

Board and Batten doors are very traditional for homes dating back into the 1700 and 1800s. They also offer a country look and fit well on barns, sheds and pool houses.

Historic Restoration

This 4-panel door is an exact replica as its 200 year-old predecessor. It is made of Walnut, an extremely durable and long lasting exterior wood that also lends a warm invitation into this historic home.

Bayside Manor

The redish Mahogany used to make this door ties it to the interior of this historic estate. The 6-panel configuration is typical of 1800s homes. At the other end of the hall is this door's twin which overlooks the Chesapeake Bay.

Tudor Arch This door is made of White Oak, an excellent exterior wood with lots of character. Pegs were inserted at the joints to help date the door. The Tudor arch is a stately European accent that ties the door to the rest of the house.

Gothic Style

The panels in this set of double doors are arched to a point, mimicking the gothic style of this church that was remodeled into a home.

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