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Lancaster City Church

We started this project early in 2009 and since then we have been working with the owners to restore their Lancaster city church into two living spaces which will be accessed via the original main entrances to the church. Both front entrances will be replaced with custom doors using core construction stiles and rails for long-term stability. The exterior side of the doors will be White Oak while the interior will be Genuine Mahogany which will match the other interior doors.

The steeple is being completely renovated as most of the parts have rotted. It will be replaced with matching parts to keep the original look; however, the railing must be raised to meet the code. We did this by elongating the balusters to the appropriate height. The large stained glass window on the right side of the front elevation also needed to be replaced as most of its components had rotted. All of the stained glass was successfully salvaged for use in the new window. Re-using the stained glass will restore the original look and provide privacy from the city streets. The stained glass window which measures approximately 8' wide and 17' tall was made using African Mahogany. These pieces were used as the template to draw and recreate the new window. The drawing process alone took nearly 4 full days. Production took 265 hours which is about 4 weeks. It weighed approximately 700 pounds before any glass was inserted. As a precaution the window was installed before inserting any of the glass.

This picture shows the completed exterior boasting the White Oak doors embellished with Sun Valley Bronze hardware and Fleur de Lis style wrought iron fence and railing under the massive refurbished steeple.

A gothic arch was designed to accent the hallway that exits the kitchen/dining area. Arched, raised panels exhibit incredible craftsmanship.

The second floor living room highlights the original trusses. Even the center railing was part of the original alter. The stained glass in the large circle window was salvaged and restored.

The master bathroom displayed custom designed Walnut cabinetry with a gothic-arched mirror in the center.

The unique balastrade system incorporates the gothic style and reflects incredible craftmanship.

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